Show Thursday 3rd October, Sale Friday 4th October

Show Thursday 3rd October from 6pm judged by Mr J Harrison, Sale Friday 4th October starting at 9am prompt.

New Online Bidding Facilities Available at http://auction.anmarts.co.uk for further information please contact Alan Donald at Aberdeen & Northern Marts on 01467 623753

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The 60th annual Lerwick Shetland Pony Sale was held on Friday 4th October at the Shetland Rural Centre. The Pony Breeders of Shetland Association (PBSA) in conjunction with the Shetland Livestock Marketing Group (SLMG) and Aberdeen and Northern Marts (ANM) once again hosted the sale with 63 ponies entered and 60 forward. Once again there was a good entry of very good quality ponies, in a variety of sizes and colours to suit a range of buyers. The ponies began arriving at the Mart on the Thursday afternoon prior to the show, with exhibitors and potential buyers invited to socialise together whilst enjoying the fantastic spread of sandwiches and home bakes laid on by the PBSA. Thanks again to Rosemary Cross for co-ordinating the food.

The show of ponies to be sold commenced at 6pm on the Thursday evening with this year’s judge, Mr J Harrison travelling up from Lancashire. The show was live streamed through the online bidding facilities, and again the facilities were available on the Friday for bidding.

The Best Filly foal, Champion Foal and Reserve Show Champion was the Standard Black filly foal Filska Shelby from Miss S Anderson, Ollaberry. The Best Colt Foal was the Miniature Bay Tupton Vito from J W Laurenson, Unst. Overall Show Champion was the 37” Black Mare Grutness Shybrea from Mr G Douglas, Virkie.

The sale commenced at 9.30am and was broadcast live via the online bidding facilities. A huge response yet again from the online bidding, resulted in 26 ponies of the 60 forward, selling through the online bidding. Photographs and details of the lots for sale were available to be viewed online for several weeks prior to the sale to generate interest and give buyers a chance to make enquiries and choose their purchase.

The success of the Breed Show celebrations back in July, and the Select Sale of Ponies in July helped to generate interest in the ponies forward for the October sale. The hard work and dedication of the PBSA committee, by helping to promote the ponies from Shetland and promote the work we do here certainly helped to create interest in the sale.

The sale was slow to start but gained momentum and prices were better across the board this year with some strong competition for a few ponies. This was reflected in the overall average price, being 375 guineas per pony. Huge thanks to auctioneer Rod MacKenzie and Alan Donald for doing a fantastic job for all concerned. Also a huge thanks to all our class sponsors, Harbro and Northlink Ferries.

Show Results below

Miniature Filly Foal – sponsored by Merilin Stud

1st – Loanin Anise - Mrs J Roberts, Unst sold to – 780gns to G McIntosh, Ayrshire

2nd - Gerratoun Pollyanna - Mr A Clark, Unst – 220gns to R Grievson

3rd – Bergli Teenie - Bergli Stud, Walls – 550gns to T L Howard, Castle Douglas

Miniature Colt Foal – sponsored by Wild About Art

1st – Tupton Vito – J W Laurenson, Unst – 70gns to J Sales, Lerwick

2nd – Westergarth Galaxy – B Johnson, Unst – 140gns to D MacLeod, Dornoch

3rd – Northharrier Yule – P Gear, Foula – 70gns to C Felton, Cold Ashby

Standard Filly Foal – sponsored by Musselbrough Stud

1st - Filska Shelby – S Anderson, Ollaberry – 600gns to C Window, Lybater

2nd – Grutness Wysp – S Flaws, Sumburgh – 600gns to S Har, Hereford

3rd – Brunside Lily – D Johnson, Unst – 1000gns to Y Bateao, Burnley

Standard Colt Foal – sponsored by Redsand Stud

1st – Musselbrough Warrior – J & M Priest, Unst – 190gns to A Preaton, Stranraer

2nd – Bergli Blacktail – Bergli Stud, Walls – 460gns to J Tetlow, Carmarthen

3rd – Scatness Jovi – G Douglas, Virkie – 50gns to D Barr, Lewes

1, 2 or 3yr old Filly – sponsored by Ferinfield Stud

1st – Bigton Charm – K Budge, Bigton – 190gns to M Tomlinson, Southport

2nd – Bigton California – K Budge, Bigton – 420gns to S Har, Hereford

3rd – Musselbrough Erin – J & M Priest, Unst – 120gns to J Watson, Jedburgh

1, 2 or 3yr old Colt– sponsored by Schiehallion Stud

1st - Charlimay Wulver – L Robertson, Foula – 30gns to J Lamb, Essex

Mares 4yrs+– sponsored by Ruffloch Stud

1st – Grutness Shybrea – G Douglas, Virkie – 600gns to S Har, Hereford

2nd – Grimpowood Elisabeth Taylor – Bergli Stud, Walls – 1500gns to I Burgess, Dunrossness

3rd – Anderlea Clearstar – C Laignel, Dunrossness – 580gns – C Matthew, Alford

Entire Male/Gelding 4yrs+– sponsored by JPL Racing & Events

1st – Koistie Majestic Dream – A J Williamson, Whalsay – 100gns to A Butterfield, Gawber

2nd – Gue Kell – C Laignel, Dunrossness – Not Sold

3rd – Bergli Jubilation – Bergli Stud, Walls – 350gns to D Wenm, Cranleigh

Best Filly Foal forward for sale – Filska Shelby

Best Colt Foal forward for sale – Tupton Vito

Best Foal forward for sale – Filska Shelby

Show Champion - sponsored by Shallochmill Stud – Grutness Shybrea

Reserve Show Champion – sponsored by Shallochmill Stud – Filska Shelby

Best Filly Foal from all Shetland Shows– sponsored by South Park Fairy Stud– Filska Shelby

Best Colt Foal from all Shetland Shows – sponsored by Merkisayre Stud – Tupton Vito

Top Prices

1500gns – Grimpowood Elisabeth Taylor – Blue Roan Miniature Mare – Bergli Stud, Walls

1000gns – Burnside Lily – Skewbald Standard Filly Foal – D Johnson, Unst

1000gns – Aria – Cream Dun Standard Mare – Bergli Stud, Walls

850gns – Loanin Belle – Cream Dun Skewbald Standard Filly Foal – Mrs J Roberts, Unst

780gns – Loanin Anise – Black Miniature Filly Foal – Mrs J Roberts, Unst

620gns – Gott Suno – Piebald Miniature Mare – R Cross, Burra

600gns – Filska Shelby – Black Standard Filly Foal – S Anderson, Ollaberry

600gns - Gue Jules - Black Miniature Mare - C Laignel, Dunrossness

580gns - Anderlea Clearstar - Black Miniature Mare - C Laignel, Dunrossness

580gns – Northharrier Yoyo – Piebald Miniature Filly Foal – P Gear, Foula

550gns – Bergli Teenie – Chestnut Miniature Filly Foal – Bergli Stud, Walls

520gns – Moorens Minnie – Bay Skewbald Miniature Filly Foal – D Johnson, Unst

520gns – Brygarth Yasmin – Piebald Miniature Mare – M Laurenson, Lerwick

520gns – Westergarth Gypsy – Piebald Miniature Filly Foal – S Johnson, Unst

Average Prices

Filly Foals – 475gns

Colt Foals – 147gns

Fillies – 288gns

Colts – 30gns

Geldings – 340gns

Stallions – 225gns

Mares – 567gns