Show - Thursday 6th October - evening Sale - Friday 7th October 9.30am  Shetland Livestock Marketing Centre

The annual Lerwick Pony Sale was held on Friday 7th October at the Shetland Rural Centre. After a 2 year break, the PBSA were delighted that the Sale Show could go ahead on the Thursday evening. Thanks must go to Mr Ian Spence who travelled up to judge at the show. An array of sizes and colours were forward to suit a range of buyers, with ponies being very well presented and of a high quality overall.

Yet again the online bidding facility proved invaluable with a large percentage being sold online, combined with a full ringside of keen bidders prices were good, particularly for good quality, well presented ponies. The sale was watched worldwide through the online bidding facility. The PBSA must express thanks to the vendors who provided numerous photographs and videos of the lots in advance of the sale, allowing for the ponies and the sale as a whole to be promoted greatly in the lead up to the day.

Much to the relief of SLMG staff and the PBSA, all ponies due to be shipped made it safely on the ferry on Friday night, despite the unsettled weather leading up to the sale day.

The top price of the day went to the Champion, a lovely miniature chestnut mare Glenbogie Fairytale from Carole Laignel who sold for 2500gns. Reserve Show Champion was the 3year old miniature chestnut filly exhibited by Lynn Johnson; Hjaltland Berry who sold for 2250gns. Best Overall Foal was Filska Victory who sold for 280gns.

Show Results below

Miniature Filly Foal

1st – Foula Amber, Mr Gear, Foula

2nd - Northharrier Babycham, Miss P Gear, Foula

3rd – Koistie Little Sunshine, T A Anderson, Gonfirth

Miniature Colt Foal

1st – Northharrier Bingo, Miss P Gear, Foula

2nd – Gue Xplorer, C Laignel, Dunrossness

3rd – Vadlure Nelson, V Shearer, Whalsay

Standard Filly Foal

1st - Muness Mimi, L Hunter, Unst

2nd – Ockran Tanya, R Ramsay, Ollaberry

3rd – Ockran Aaliyah, R Ramsay, Ollaberry

Standard Colt Foal

1st – Filska Victory, S Anderson, Eshaness

2nd – Burnside Shiloh, D Johnson, Unst

3rd – Mailand Soverign, D Jamieson, Unst

1, 2 or 3yr old Filly

1st – Hjaltland Berry, L Johnson, East Burrafirth

2nd – Musselbrough Itonda, J & M Priest, Unst

3rd – Musselbrough Eclipse – J & M Priest, Unst

1, 2 or 3yr old Colt

1st - Grutness Xerxis, S Flaws, Grutness

2nd - Musselbrough Draken, J & M Priest, Unst

3rd - Scatness Kelso, G Douglas, Grutness

Mares 4yrs+

1st – Glenbogie Fairytale, C Laignel, Dunrossness

2nd – Gue Nala, C Laignel, Dunrossness

3rd – Gue Opal – C Laignel, Dunrossness

Entire Male/Gelding 4yrs+

1st – Schiehallion Firelight, J Syme, Walls

Best Filly Foal forward for sale – Foula Amber

Best Colt Foal forward for sale – Filska Victory

Best Foal forward for sale – Filska Victory

Best Filly Foal from All Shetland Shows - Musselbrough Lottie

Best Colt Foal from All Shetland Shows - Filska Victory

Top Prices

2500gns - Glenbogie Fairytale - Chestnut Miniature Mare - C Laignel

2300gns – Robin's Brae Topaz - Piebald Miniature Mare – Robin’s Brae Stud

2250gns - Hjaltland Berry - Miniature Chestnut Filly - L Johnson

1700gns - Gue Nala - Miniature Chestnut Mare - C Laignel

1500gns - Merrylees Joanna - Miniature Piebald Mare - T A Anderson

1400gns - Musselbrough Itonda - Standard Bay Skewbald Filly - J & M Priest

1400gns - Gue Opal - Miniature Bay Skewbald Mare - C Laignel

1400gns - Gardie Petal - Miniature Bay Skewbald Filly Foal - W Spence

1100gns - Gue Layla - Miniature Chestnut Mare - C Laignel

1100gns - Morten of Brygarth - Piebald Miniature Colt Foal - J Laurenson

950gns - Stackerhvi Jill - Bay Miniature Filly - A J Williamson

950gns - Koistie Little Sunshine - Skewbald Miniature Filly Foal - T A Anderson

900gns - HRE Romeo - Standard Piebald Stallion - J Anderson

900gns - Stackerhvi Jess - Skewbald Miniature Filly - A J Williamson

900gns - Gardie Platinum - Palomino & White Miniature Filly foal - W Spence

The PBSA would like to thank Ellis Mutch, ANM Auctioneer for doing a fantastic job at his first ever Shetland Pony Sale, Alan Donald, the SLMG staff, vendors, buyers and Northlink Ferries for their sponsorship.

Champion - Glenbogie Fairytale

Best Foal Forward For Sale & Best Colt Foal from all Shetland Shows - Filska Victory

Best Filly Foal from all Shetland Shows - Musselbrough Lottie