Annual Shetland Pony Sale 2017

Shetland Pony Show and Sale was held at Shetland Marts on Friday 6th October 2017

The 58th Annual Lerwick Shetland Pony Show and Sale was held on Friday 6th October 2017 at the Shetland Rural Centre. The Pony Breeders of Shetland Association (PBSA) in conjunction with Shetland Livestock Marketing Group (SLMG) and Aberdeen and Northern Marts (ANM) once again hosted the sale of registered pedigree ponies. There were 75 ponies entered for the sale with 74 forward, a slight increase on numbers from 2016 and once again all very good quality ponies. The ponies began arriving at the Mart on the Thursday afternoon prior to the sale and exhibitors and potential buyers were invited to socialise together and enjoyed a fantastic spread of sandwiches and home bakes laid on by the PBSA.

The show of ponies to be sold commenced at 9am on the Friday immediately prior to the sale with good entries in all classes. The Judge for this year’s show was Mrs Kay Gibb who travelled from Aberdeenshire to officiate. She remarked on the good quality of the stock that came in front of her and praised the efforts of the Pony Breeders of Shetland.

The Best Filly foal and Champion Foal at the show was the Standard Cream Chestnut Dun Loanin Morgan from Mrs J I Roberts, Unst. The best Colt Foal was the Miniature Chestnut Bergli Lucky from Bergli Stud, Walls. Overall Show Champion was the 39” Black 2 year old Filly Hestigeo My-Verdandi from Mrs I Dickie, Yell. Reserve Champion was the 15 year old 39” Bay Mare Grutness Fudge from Mrs E M D Flaws, Sumburgh.

The sale commenced at 11am and was broadcast live via i-bidder. After the success of the i-bidder Online Auction system, over the last 3 years, those involved were hopeful of another good response from buyers unable to attend the sale. Photographs and details of the lots for sale were available to be viewed online for several weeks prior to the sale to generate interest and give buyers a chance to make enquiries and choose their purchase. On the day a live audio and video feed of the show and sale was streamed online enabling the whole world to watch with many ponies being sold through i-bidder.

This year again saw an increase in buyers from out with Shetland travelling to the Islands to purchase ponies with a positive atmosphere on sale day. The sale was slow to start but gained momentum and prices were better across the board this year with some strong competition for a few ponies. This was reflected in better average prices compared to 2016 and better average prices than the Aberdeen sale, which took place 3 days later. Huge thanks to auctioneer Rod MacKenzie for doing a fantastic job for all concerned.

Lerwick Shetland pony Sale Show Results 2017

Judge - Mrs K Gibb

Miniature Filly Foal

1stTyla of KirkatownD Laurenson300gns
2ndBurnside DaisyD Johnson260gns
3rdBergli AlexisBergli Stud1400gns

Miniature Colt Foal

1stBergli LuckyBergli StudNot Sold
2ndGue SprinterCarole LaignelNot Sold
3rdRobin's Brae ValiantRobin's Brae Stud200gns

Standard Filly Foal

1stLoanin MorganJ Roberts360gns
2ndRobin's Brae ViolaRobin's Brae Stud660gns
3rdMoorens DevonD Johnson90gns

Standard Colt Foals

1stHappyhansel ThorfinnV CummingNot Sold
2ndMuness MaestroL Irvine40gns
3rdBergli NorsemanBergli StudNot Sold

1, 2 & 3 Fillies

1stHestigeo My-VerdandiI DickieNot Sold
2ndMerkisayre DawnG Tait160gns
3rdGue RosalieC Laignel300gns

1, 2 & 3 Colts

1stBurnside SoldierD Johnson20gns
2ndPip Squeak of HaybrakeL MansonNot Sold

Mares 4+

1stGrutness FudgeMyrna Flaws300gns
2ndMuness ZaraG Douglas280gns
3rdBurnside MysticI Dickie1020gns

Stallion/Gelding 4+

1stMerkisayre 9 Carat GoldG Tait520gns
2ndHjaltland RagnarM Williamson440gns
3rdRobin's Brae KellanRobin's Brae StudNot Sold

Best Filly Foal at Sale (Kiora Shield): Loanin Morgan

Best Colt Foal at Sale (Kiora Shield): Bergli Lucky

Champion Foal: Loanin Morgan

Show Champion (D B Robertson Memorial Trophy): Hestigeo My-Verdandi

Reserve Champion: Grutness Fudge

Milne Cup - Best Foal from Unst: Loaning Morgan

Stranduff Rosebowl – Best filly foal from all Shetland Shows: Loanin Morgan

Irvine Cup - Best colt foal from all the Shetland Shows: Bergli Lucky

Top Prices

Top PricesVendorSold To
Bergli AlexisPalomino Miniature Filly Foal1400gnsBergli StudS & G Cross, Milton Keynes
Robin's Brae ViennaBay Dun Miniature Filly Foal1100gnsI Burgess & L SmithM Tomlinson, Southport
Bergli TimaSkewbald 3yr Miniature Filly1070gnsBergli StudA Preston, Stranrar
Burnside MysticChestnut Mare1020gnsI DickieGeorge Tait, Burra
Bergli PandoraBay and White 3yr Miniature Filly760gnsBergli StudA Preston, Stranrar
Pinglewood EdinaBay Roan and white Mare700gnsBergli StudJoe Howard, Castle Douglas
Robin's Brae ViolaBlack Standard Filly Foal660gnsI Burgess and L SmithJane Smith, Middleton
Anderlea TishwickPiebald Mare600gnsMesdames Roberts and Leask
Clibberswick BelindaBay and White Standard Filly Foal560gnsJ Anderson

Average Prices:

17 colt foals averaged 84gns

19 filly foals averaged 411gns

11 mares averaged 484gns

11 Fillies averaged 372gns

3 Colts averaged 40gns

2 Stallions averaged 480gns

2 Geldings averaged 105gns

Huge thanks to Northlink Ferries, Harbro Limited and Mark Donaldson for their continued support.

2017 Pony Sale Info and Entry Form in Word

2017 Pony Sale Info and Entry Form in PDF

2017 Sale Catalogue

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