Shetland’s annual show and sale of Shetland Ponies was held on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th October 2011 at the Shetland Rural Centre, Lerwick.

Entries for the sale were down on previous years with 133 ponies entered in this year’s catalogue. In particular there were fewer colt foals and fillies entered than usual meaning that the majority of ponies offered for sale were filly foals. Top price at the sale went to Mrs L J Burgess for her standard piebald filly foal, Robin’s Brae Pippa by HRE Fetlar, which realised 600 gns to A A Robertson, Walls, Shetland. HRE Fetlar achieved a gold award in the Pony Breeders of Shetland Association Shetland Pony Evaluation Scheme. The champion filly foal from the previous day’s show, Mrs M Inkster’s standard black filly, Laurenlea Louise by Birchwood Pippin, sold at 475 gns to Miss P J J Gear, Foula. Champion colt foal Niko of Kirkatown by Loanin Cleon, from Mr D A Laurenson, Haroldswick sold for 10 gns to Claire Smith, Punds, Sandwick. Regrettably, demand and prices in general were poor and some ponies passed through the ring unsold. Local sales accounted for a good proportion of trade as did the support of the regular buyers that make the annual trip from mainland UK to attend the sale each year. The show of foals on Thursday evening was judged by Mr Holder Firth, Eastaben, Orkney and his prizewinners and the prices that they realised, if sold, were as follows:

Standard Black Filly Foals

1stLaurenlea LouiseMrs M Inkster475gns
2ndRobin's Brae PalomaMrs L J Burgessnot sold

Standard Black Colt Foals

1stLoanin ZephyrusMrs J Robertsnot sold

Standard Other Filly Foals

1stElengata EllaMr E Watt20gns
2ndGrutness OreoMrs M Flaws50gns
3rdWestergarth YannaMr N Johnson10gns

Standard Other Colt Foals

1stNiko of KirkatownMr D A Laurenson10gns
2ndGardie ElroyMr R Spencenot sold

Broken Coloured Filly Foals

1stElengata MargaretMr E Watt60gns
2ndNortharrier QuadrilleMiss P J Gear10gns
3rdNortharrier QueenieMiss P J Gear10gns

Broken Coloured Colt Foals

1stCameron of UrgarthMr J A Thomsonnot sold
2ndNortharrier QuicksilverMiss P J Gearnot sold
3rdJerry of NordaalMr W G Hendersonnot sold

Miniature Filly Foals

1stBenstonholm QuintellaMrs A Hunter40gns
2ndGue Maggie MayMs C Laignel170gns
3rdFoula PrincessMr J R Gear50gns

Miniature Colt Foals

1stGue MajesticMs C Laignelnot sold
2ndHiorwick AeroMiss L Gearnot sold
3rdFoula PeppermintMr J R Gearnot sold

Champion Filly Foal - Laurenlea Louise

Champion Colt Foal - Niko of Kirkatown

Milne cup for best foal from Unst - Laurenlea Louise

Kiora Shield for best bay from Unst - Westergarth Yanna

Kiora Shield for best foal not from Unst - Benstonholm Quintella

Stranduff Trophy for Best Filly Foal from All Shetland Shows - Laurenlea Louise

Irvine Cup for Best Colt Foal from All Shetland Shows - Niko of Kirkatown

Top Prices

Top PricesVendorSold To
Robin's Brae PippaPiebald Filly Foal600gnsMrs L BurgessAA Robertson
Laurenlea LouiseBlack Filly Foal475gnsMrs M InksterMiss P J Gear
Olive of BrindisterSkewbald Filly Foal270gnsBrindister StudMr G Milne
Benstonholm QuartzPiebald Filly Foal215gnsMrs A HunterAled Thomas
Musselburgh IndySkewbald Filly Foal200gnsMrs J H PriestP Coutts
Omelia of BrindisterChestnut Filly Foal180gnsBrindister StudMr G Milne
Loanin MayaChestnut/White Markings Filly Foal180gnsMrs J I RobertsOlga Hughson
Gue Maggie MayBay Filly Foal170gnsMs C LaignelA Clark
Mailand ChanelleChestnut Mare130gnsMiss D L JamiesonD H Thomas
Ellen of BurlandPiebald Mare120gnsMr W SpenceAA Robertson

Average Prices:

4 colt foals averaged 29gns

49 filly foals averaged 61gns

5 mares averaged 72gns