Shetland's annual pony show and sale took place at the Shetland Rural Centre in Lerwick on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th October 2009.

126 ponies from all over Shetland were sold and in recent years, a reasonable proportion of these were purchased by local buyers and will remain in the Isles. The filly foals, mostly broken coloured or miniature did best at the sale, however prices were generally down on last year. Colt foals did reach reasonable prices in the ring.

The show on Thursday evening was judged by Miss Sonja Flaws from Dunrossness and her prize-winners and prices realised were as follows:

Standard Black Filly

1stMoorens LottieMr. D. H. Johnson, Unst135gns
2ndAnderlea ClearstarMesdames Leask & Roberts, Unst200gns
3rdElengata StellaMr. E. Watt, Aberdeenshire85gns

Standard Black Colt

1stMoorens LottieMr. D. H. Johnson, Unst20gns
2ndBurside DylanMr. D. H. Johnson, Unst20gns
3rdBydance Lancelot TwostepMrs. I. Thomason, FetlarNot Sold

Standard Others Filly

1stVatna EsterMr. A. Robertson, WallsNot Sold
2ndLavitta of KirktownMr. D. A. LaurensonNot Sold
3rdRainbow of BoothMr. R. Mouat, Unst140gns

Standard Others Colt

1stMango of BrindisterBrindister Stud, Gulberwick80gns
2ndVatna EltonMr. A. Robertson, Walls28gns
3rdLaurenlea JoeMrs. M. Inkster, Unst32gns

Broken Coloured Filly

1stNorthharrier OrioMiss P. J. J. Gear, Foula240gns
2ndFoula NouvelleMr. J. Gear, Foula120gns
3rdMusselbrough HeidiMrs. J. H. Priest, Unst380gns

Broken Coloured Colt

1stLandric of KirkatownMr. D. A. Laurenson, Unst32gns
2ndShirva BanditMrs. F. Rendall, Fetlar45gns
3rdGardie CosmicMr. W. Spence, Unst36gns

Miniature Filly

1stMoorens VioletMr. D. H. Johnson, Unst180gns
2ndMay of NordaalMr. W. G. Henderson, UnstNot Sold
3rdHolly of North BoothMr. A. R. Priest, Unst400gns

Standard Others Colt

1stNorthharrier OdysseyMiss P. J. J. Gear, Foula52gns
2ndGerratoun FingalMr. A. Clark, UnstNot Sold
3rdBayhall OscarMrs. J. E. Tait, Walls30gns

Champion Foals

Champion Filly FoalMoorens Violet
Champion Colt FoalMango of Brindis

Trophy Winners

Milne Cup (Best foal from Unst)Moorens VioletMr. Dennis H. Johnson
Kiora Shield (Best Bay Filly foal from Unst)Lavitta of KirkatownMr. D. A. Laurenson
Kiora Shield (Best foal at sale)Moorens VioletMr. D. A. Laurenson
Irvine Cup (Best colt foal from all Shetland shows in 2009)Bydance Jack Sparrow (Coloured Ring Breed Show)Isla Thomason, Fetlar
Stranduff Trophy (Best filly foal from all Shetland shows in 2009)Breckenlea Bumblebee Jive (Cunningsburgh & Walls Shows)A Slater, Tresta

Leading Prices

Mandy of BrindisterPiebald Filly Foal500gnsBrindister Stud
Bronwyn of BrygarthBrown & White Filly Foal460gns

Mrs. C. Foreath

Holly of North BoothChestnut Filly Foal
Mr. A. R. Priest
Foula NoveltyPieball Filly Foal400gnsMr. J. Gear
Foula LassBrown Dun Filly Foal400gnsMr. J. Gear
Musselbrough HeidiSkewbald Filly Foal380gnsMrs. J. H. Priest
Burland JemimaSkewbald Filly Foal350gnsMr. J. C. Jeromson
Gardie CliviehelenaPiebald Filly Foal350gnsMr. W. Spence
Burland WillaSkewbald Filly Foal340gnsMr. J. C. Jeromson
Loanin HelwanMouse Dun Filly Foal300gnsMrs. J. I. Roberts