The annual Shetland pony show and sale took place at the Shetland Rural Centre in Lerwick on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd October 2008.

204 ponies from all over Shetland were catalogued for sale, a good proportion of which were purchased by local buyers and will remain in the Isles. The foals were mostly broken coloured or miniature and the filly foals and mares sold well, however demand was generally poor for the colt foals and overall average prices were down on the previous years.

The show was judged by Mr. Graham Milne from Huntly, his prizewinners and prices realised were as follows:

Standard Black Filly Foals

1stGerratoun EydisMr. Allan Clark, Unst120gns
2ndMusselburgh ZolaMrs. Janice Priest, Unst300gns
3rdMuness MaraMiss Lisa Hunter, Unst130gns

Standard Black Colt

1stBydance SamMrs. Isla Thomason, Fetlar180gns Not Sold
2ndHollydell MarioMr. S. J. P. Rendall, South Nesting60gns
3rdGerratoun ElvisMr. Allan Clark, Unst25gns

Standard Other Filly Foals

1stNorthharrier NarniaMiss P. J. J. Gear460gns
2ndClare of NordaalMr. W. G. Henderson, Unst


3rdClibberswick JazzMr. J. L. Anderson, Unst160gns

Standard Others Colt

1stBurnside JasperMr. Dennis Johnson, Westing, Unst35gns Not Sold
2ndRoadside IrvineP.W. & D. E. Walterson, Walls25gns
3rdLoanin Flap JackMrs. Jem Roberts, Unst35gn

Broken Coloured Filly Foals

1stLollipop of BrindisterBrindister Stud, Gulberwick320gns
2ndKeela of KirkatownMr. D. A. Laurenson, Unst290gns
3rdTrondra PrestaMr. David Robertson, Gott200gns Not Sold

Broken Coloured Colt Foals

1stLoanin VisionMrs. Jem Roberts, Unst80gns
2ndRobin's Brae MarkelBurgess Family, Dunrossness55gns Not Sold
3rdShirva A JMrs. Frances Rendall, Fetlar60gns Not Sold

Miniature Filly Foal

1stGlenda of North BoothMr. A. R. Priest, Unst200gns
2ndRamnaberg JeanMiss Carol Fullerton, Scalloway320gns
3rdLaurenlea IslaMrs. M. Inkster260gns

Miniature Colt Foal

1stAragorn of BrygarthMrs. J. S. Laurenson, Lerwick300gns
2ndGerratoun ErabausMr. Allan Clark, Unst28gns
3rdBenstonholm Northern StarMrs. Annette Hunter, Vementry150gns

Trophy Winners

Milne Cup (Best foal from Unst)Burnside JasperMr. Dennis H. Johnson
Kiora Shield (Best Bay Filly foal from Unst)No EntriesNo Entries
Kiora Shield (Best foal from Mainland)Northharrier NarniaMiss P. J. J. Gear
Irvine Cup (Best colt foal from all Shetland shows in 2010)Aragorn of Bygarth (Sale show)Mrs. J. S. Laurenson
Stranduff Trophy (Best filly foal from all Shetland shows in 2010)Shoormal Dyrr (Cunningsburgh Show)June Brown, Reawick

Leading Prices

Ivy of BrindisterChestnut 3yr Filly600gnsMrs. Lynn Poleson
Benstonholm NicolaPiebally Filly Foal580gnsMrs. Annette Hunter
Gue EmpressPiebald Mare500gnsMrs. Carole Laignel
Gunelsta NettleSkewbald Filly Foal500gnsMrs. Linda Coutts
Clothie Night IndigoeBlue Roan Filly480gnBurgess Family
Northharrier NarniaChestnut Filly Foal460gnsMiss Penny Gear
Benstonholm NaomiPiebald Filly Foal460gnsMrs. Annette Hunter
Ramnaberg JessiePiebald Filly Foal440gnsMiss Carol Fullerton
Brygarth AvaSkewbald Filly Foal400gnsMr. M. Laurenson
Karen of PinehoullandPiebald Filly Foal380gnsMrs. W. A. Nicolson