The annual Shetland Pony Show and Sale took place at the Shetland Rural Centre in Lerwick on 4th and 5th October.

In total 211 ponies from all over Shetland were catalogued for sale, approximately 40 more than the previous year. The majority of the ponies were foals, most of which were broken coloured or miniature. The prices were fairly steady and reasonable amounts were paid for all those sold; only a few ponies were withdrawn from the ring unsold.

The show on Thursday evening was judged by Mr Jeff McMaster from Cumbria and his prize winners and prices realised were as follows:

Standard Black Filly Foals

1stLoanin DedeMrs. J. I. Roberts180gns
2ndBenstonholm MelodyMrs. Annette Hunter160gns
3rdMusselbrough BellaMrs. Janice PriestWithdrawn

Standard Black Colt

1stNorthharier MidnightMiss P. J. J. Gear40gns
2ndJazzy of KirkatownMr. D. A. Laurenson30gns
3rdMoorens AceMr. Dennis JohnsonWithdrawn

Standard Other Solid Colour Filly Foals

1stNorthharrier MagicMiss P. J. J. Gear450gns
2ndGardie AprilMr. W. Spence480gns
3rdStackerhvi DuchessMiss Kirsten Wishart260gns Not Sold

Standard Others Solid Colur Colt

1stSevenordale GarnetMr. William J. Spence100gns
2ndBurnside LennonMr. Dennis Johnson40gns
3rdNorthharrier MarmaladeMiss P. J. J. Gear40gns

Standard Broken Coloured Filly Foals

1stMuness MapleMiss L. M. Hunter520gns
2ndFavour of BelmontMessrs. A Jamieson & Sons220gns Not Sold
3rdFern of North BoothMr. Alexander Priest270gns Not Sold

Standard Broken Coloured Colt Foals

1stFoula LivelyMr. Jim Gear80gns
2ndMayfair's TwixMiss L. Gear70gns
3rdGott SurityMrs M. L. Leask60gns

Miniature Filly Foal

1stWestergarth UlenaMr. N. Johnson300gns
2ndTronda KoraMr. David Robertson160gns
3rdAnderlea SolarMesdames A.E.D. Leask & J.I. Roberts420gns

Miniature Colt Foal

1stBenstonholm MinstrelMrs. Annette Hunter20gns
2ndStackerhvi AlfieMr. A.J. Williamson190gns Not Sold
3rdMoorens VictorMr. Dennis Jon

Trophy Winners

Milne Cup (Best foal from Unst)Sevenordale GarnetMr. William J. Spence, Baltasound
Kiora Shield (Best Bay Filly foal from Unst)Gardie AprilMr. William Spence, Haroldswick
Kiora Shield (Best foal from Mainland)Northharrier MagicMiss P. J. J. Gear
Irvine Cup (Best colt foal from all Shetland shows in 2010)Sevenordale Garnet (Sale Show)Mr. William J. Spence, Baltasound
Stranduff Trophy (Best filly foal from all Shetland shows in 2010)Robin's Brae Levana (Viking Show)Burgess Family, Dunrossness

Leading Prices

Stow VincentBlack StallionMr. S. Rendall750gns
Zoe of BrygarthSkewbald Filly FoalMrs. J. Laurenson600gns
Grunnasound LuckycharmSkewbald Filly FoalMiss Venitta Rendall600gns
Muness MapleSkewbald Filly FoalMiss L. Hunter520gns
Genoa of BelmontSkewbald Filly FoalMessrs A. Jamieson & Sons500gns
Jinty of KirkatownPiebald Filly FoalMr. D. Laurenson500gns
Gardie AprilBay Filly FoalMr. W. Spence480gns
Vallendale PepsieRed & White Filly FoalMr. G. W. Sharp470gns
Ramnaberg IslaBay & White Filly FoalMiss Carol Fullerton450gns
Northharrier MagicCream Dun Filly FoalMiss Penny Gear450gns