Lerwick Shetland Pony Sale Report 2016

Lerwick Shetland Pony Show & Sale 2016

The 57th Annual Lerwick Shetland Pony show and Sale were held on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th October 2016 at the Shetland Rural Centre. The Pony Breeders of Shetland Association (PBSA) in conjunction with Shetland Livestock Marketing Group (SLMG) and Aberdeen and Northern Marts (ANM) once again hosted the sale of registered pedigree ponies. There were 67 ponies entered for the sale with 66 forward, almost the same number entered last year and once again all very good quality ponies. The ponies began arriving at the Mart on the Thursday afternoon prior to the sale and exhibitors and potential buyers were invited to socialise together and enjoyed a fantastic spread of soup, sandwiches and home bakes laid on by the PBSA. Due to the Mart being busy the show returned to its historical slot on the Thursday evening preceding the show. The show of ponies to be sold commenced at 6pm with good entries in all classes.

The Judge for this year’s show was Mrs Marion Matthews who travelled from Cornwall to officiate. She remarked on the good quality stock which came in front of her and praised the efforts of the Pony Breeders of Shetland. The best Colt Foal and Champion Foal at the Show was the miniature skewbald Robin’s Brae Ultimate from the Burgess Family, Dunrossness and Best Filly Foal was the standard Bay Laaward Tess from S. Flaws, Virkie. Overall Show Champion was the 39.5” Bay 3 year old Licensed Colt Hollydell Harken and Reserve Champion was the 8 year old 40.25” Black Licensed Stallion both from S & J Rendall, Nesting. For the full show results see below.

The Friday morning commenced at 9am with a parade of the show prize winners which was also broadcast live via i-bidder as it had not been possible to stream the actual show. After the success of the I-bidder Online Auction system the last 2 years those involved were hopeful of another good response from buyers unable to attend the sale. Photographs and details of the lots for sale were available to be viewed online for several weeks prior to the sale to generate interest and give buyers a chance to make enquiries and choose their purchase. On the day a live audio and video feed of the show and sale was streamed online enabling the whole world to watch with many ponies being sold through i-bidder. This year saw what appeared to be an increase in buyers travelling to Shetland to purchase ponies. One particular buyer, Mr Bloemers, had driven all the way from Holland to buy a particular pony and was very grateful to have been able to make use of the generous Northlink sponsorship deal which the PBSA had secured.

The sale was a very mixed affair with some ponies achieving good prices and some failing to attract bids. Average prices for ponies sold were: Stallions 600gns, Geldings 139gns, 1, 2 & 3 year old Entire Males 433gns, Colt Foals 258gns, Filly Foals 109gns, Mares 237gns and Fillies 95gns. The leading prices were; Filly foals: Gardie Jorgie 600gns Not Sold, Gardie Jess 260gns Not Sold. Colt foals: Robin’s Brae Ultimate 950gns G Cross, Milton Keynes. Benston Valentino 180gns Not Sold. Fillies: Robin’s Brae Serena 180gns Not Sold, Musselbrough Annika 130gns Not Sold. Mares: Tawna Melody 630gns N Taylor, Edinburgh. Breckenlea Geneva 5oogns G Cross Milton Keynes. Entire Males: Hollydell Harken 1000gns S Belton, Milton Keynes. Gandalf Fra Oya 900gns Not Sold. Geldings: Sir James of Berry 280gns J lamb, Essex. Merkisayre Sea Duble 180gns J lamb, Essex.

Lerwick Shetland pony Sale Show Results 2016

Miniature Filly Foal

  1. Tupton Sula – J W Laurenson – Not Sold
  2. Gerratoun Minnie – Alan Clark – Not Sold
  3. Westergarth Delight – Valerie Johnson – 160gns to Norman Taylor, Edinburgh

Miniature Colt Foal

  1. Robin’s Brae Ultimate – Burgess Family – 950gns to G Cross, Milton Keynes
  2. Gue Royale – Carole Laignel – Not Sold
  3. Benston Valentino – Mari Williamson – Not Sold

Standard Filly Foal

  1. Laaward Tess – Sonja Flaws – 175gns to C Smith, Scalloway
  2. Silva of Kirkatown – D A Laurenson – 50gns to D Zblewski, Muir of Ord
  3. Seagrind Olivia – Morgan Goodlad – Not Sold

Standard Colt Foals

  1. Berglie Julian – Bergli Stud – Not Sold
  2. Northharrier Victory – Penny Gear – Not Sold
  3. Northharrier Valiant – Penny Gear – Not Sold

1, 2 & 3 Fillies

  1. Musselbrough Annika – Janice Priest – Not Sold
  2. Robin’s Brae Serena – Burgess Family – Not Sold
  3. Grutness Sugar – Myrna Flaws – 95gns to J Macdonald, New Pitsligo

1, 2 & 3 Colts

  1. Hollydell Harken – S & J Rendall – 1000gns to S Belton, Milton Keynes
  2. Merkisayre Calvados – Merkisayre Stud – 260gns to J Lamb, Essex
  3. Gardie Icon – Amanda Slater – 40gns to L Cochrane, Kilwinning

Mares 4+

  1. Griesta Brea – Myrna Flaws – 275gns to A & M Manson, Skeld
  2. Breckenlea Geneva – Amanda Slater – 500gns to g Cross, Milton Keynes
  3. Laaward Gael – Sonja Flaws – 160gns to C Smith, Scalloway

Stallion/Gelding 4+

  1. Eynhallow Black Majestic – S & J Rendall – 600gns to Mr Bloemers, Holland
  2. Gandalf Fra Oya – Bergli Stud – Not Sold
  3. Sir James of Berry – Merkisayre Stud – 280gns to J Lamb, Essex

Best Filly Foal at Sale (Kiora Shield): Laaward Tess

Best Colt Foal at Sale (Kiora Shield): Robin’s Brae Ultimate

Champion Foal: Robin’s Brae Ultimate

Show Champion (D B Robertson Memorial Trophy): Hollydell Harken

Reserve Champion: Eynhallow Black Majestic

Milne Cup - Best Foal from Unst: Silva of Kirkatown

Stranduff Rosebowl – Best filly foal from all Shetland Shows: Bergli Gloria

Irvine Cup - Best colt foal from all the Shetland Shows: Merkisayre Julian

Of the 24 show prize winners 15 were either evaluated ponies or from evaluated parent/s. Champion and reserve ponies are both evaluated Stallions. The best filly foal and best colt foal are by evaluated stallions and all trophy winners are either evaluated or from evaluated stock. Huge thanks to everyone for their continued support.

2016 Sale Catalogue