Pony Index 2019

Hi All

As some of you will remember, in 2009 an Index of Ponies in Shetland booklet was created as part of the Breed Show week celebration. For 2019 I have agreed (crazy I know!) to do a similar booklet. There will be no photos of stallions in the Index booklet this time around, as a separate booklet relating to Evaluated stock is being produced for the Breed Show Week.

I would greatly appreciate if you could complete the attached form as soon as possible and return to myself. The form can also be printed, completed and posted back if that’s easier. Could you all also forward this on/contact anyone you can think of with even 1 or 2 ponies whom may otherwise be missed. Your help on this is greatly appreciated.

I look forward to the forms coming back in and thanks in advance for your help with this

If ponies are shared or loaned, please let me know either on the form or in the return email. For the height section for Youngstock, please type either miniature or standard.

Shetland Pony Index Form

If you could please return the list by 31st January 2019

Many thanks

Amanda Slater