Obituary: Jim Smith

Jim Smith of Berry Stud, one of the stalwarts of the Shetland Pony world, sadly passed away on Thursday 2nd February.

Along with his sister Eva, Jim, aged 86, ran the Berry Shetland Pony Stud in Shetland, which is known worldwide for its quality ponies both standard and miniature. A modest and reserved man, Jim had very definite ideas about pony breeding, and Berry bloodlines can be found in ponies the world over.

He was a marvellously creative and inventive person who over the years designed and constructed many things including a turnip harvester, an aeroplane that flew, a gutting machine that revolutionised work aboard fishing boats and a Dog Cart, for a pair or team. This particular vehicle being used successfully for many years by the Clothie stud until it returned to Berry Farm in December 2009. Jim never lost his passion for life and only last year celebrated completing the refurbishment of his Dog Cart after it sustained damage in an accident. In 1968 Jim received an MBE for services to the fishing industry.

Jim’s kindness and great humour touched everyone who met him and he was always willing to share his vast knowledge of many subjects.

Deepest condolences from the Shetland Pony world go to his sister Eva at this sad time.