Lerwick Sale Catalogue

Show on Thursday 7th October at 5pm - Sale Friday 8th October at 9.15am PROMPT

The Lerwick sale catalogue is now available to download, you can also view pictures of some lot numbers by clicking here. Please check back as more pictures will be added in the near future.

Any vendors who wish to send in jpg images for inclusion, please remember to include the pony's name or lot number. Send to: admin@shetlandponybreeders.com

Please let us know if any of your lot numbers will not be forward for the sale.

Click here to download Lerwick catalogue

For various reasons the following ponies will not be forward:
LOT 32 - Roadside Gilly
LOT 33 - Gue Kelvin
LOT 60 - Gott Sure
LOT 61 - Gott Supple
LOT 81 - Northharrier Poseur
LOT 84 - Northharrier Pirate
LOT 86 - Northharrier Petite
LOT 94 - Robin's Brae Olivia
LOT 98 - Benstonholm Pedro
LOT 105 - Benstonholm Poppy
LOT 116 - Friester Elwyn
LOT 137 - Clibberswick Selena
LOT 168 - Breckenlea Kaiser
LOT 169 - Breckenlea Flying Colours
LOT 170 - Breckenlea Special Effect

Click here to download Aberdeen catalogue