Lerwick Pony Sale 2020

Closing Date for entries - Sunday 16th August


Auctioneer Rod Mackenzie has been in further contact with the Pony Breeders of Shetland regarding the arrangements for the Lerwick Pony Sale. As you are already aware, this year’s Pony Sale to be held on Friday 2nd October, cannot be held in the usual format due to Covid-19 restrictions. He also stressed that the Thainstone Pony Sale will be following the same guidelines and format to Lerwick.

The sale will now start at the later time of 11am, to allow ponies to arrive at the marts early on the Friday morning rather than the night before. There will be no show of ponies prior to the sale. PBSA committee members will be there to check microchips and passports, receive ponies and deal with sorting the ponies after the sale. Vendors are requested to leave ponies in a pen outside the mart, with passports in an envelope to be handed over to the PBSA Committee members in attendance.

The sale will be administered from Thainstone, with both Alan Donald and Auctioneer Rod Mackenzie being based there, rather than in Lerwick. As there will be no live feed of the sale as in previous years vendors must provide plenty of pictures and videos of the ponies for sale.

There will be no bidding in person at the mart. Bidding will be done via the online system or there will be a facility to place bids prior to the sale starting. There will be a big screen in the Mart foyer to display the sale and we will also set up a bidding point there so that locals can bid through a member of staff into the Auction.

Payment for purchases can be done by contacting the Aberdeen and Northern Mart office, where arrangements can be made for ponies to be shipped to Aberdeen as normal.

We understand that this is in no way the ideal situation but is unavoidable given the current situation, however the PBSA were determined that a Lerwick Pony Sale would go ahead so we would appreciate as mush support as possible.

“On behalf of ANM and SLMG we will do our utmost to make a success of the Lerwick Shetland Pony Sale given the restrictions we have to adhere to. We recognise the hard work that the PBSA committee do in ‘normal’ years to make this sale successful. We have been selling ponies ‘on line’ in Lerwick for many years now and the method, thankfully, is tried and tested especially now that we have to rely solely on this technology. We look forward to selling your ponies once again this year albeit by a different method!”

Rod Mackenzie, Auctioneer